The Need

You buy the trees, we do all the hard work!

Ni'lin has lost 1,100 of its olive trees since the construction of the apartheid wall began in 2008. Trees were bulldozed, some of them burned, this was are a real tragedy for a society dependent of the olive harvest. This website is a response to a local call to collect funding to replant the trees. Our planting goal in January 2012 was successfully achieved thanks to the generous contributions from people like you.

However, Israel continues to attempt to claim further lands in Ni'lin and surrounding villages. Where land is uncultivated it is at risk of being claimed by Israel as a closed military zone, such an attempt was enacted by Israel in 2010. Therefore to protect the ownership of land by the Village of Ni'lin we need to plant a further 340 hectares with 1,700 trees at a total cost for the trees of $17,000.

Project proponents

The tree planting project is an initiative of The Popular Committee Against the Wall in Ni'lin and Palestine Youth for Peace and Justice Ni'lin. The committee is not affiliated with any party, religion or family but is open for all villagers of Ni'lin and exists to coordinate the non-violent resistance against the wall. The tree planting project is implemented by Saeed Amireh in Ni'lin. Moving forward, this site will be updated with more information on the project as various milestones are reached.