During 2014 Israel imprisoned 46 people, raided Ni'lin Village more than once a week, built a 12 metre watch tower at the entrance to the village and over the course of the year destroyed 750 olive trees. When land in Palestine is left uncultivated the Palestinian owners run a risk of being claiReplanting of trees in Ni'lin in 2012med as a closed military zone by the Israeli government. So if for no other reason we need to rapidly start planting more olive trees. Of course there are many reasons to be planting olive trees, tradition, income, land management... Cash contribution to buy tree stock are vital as the occupation depletes the financial resources of the village. Issues of tree destruction are not limited to Ni'lin but part of a broader agenda by Israel to create economic suffering in Palestine. This project is focussed on our small village of Ni'lin, it is driven by people in Ni'lin and we are proud of the very personal interrelationship we have with our friends and sponsors.

Each tree costs $10US, our target is to plant 1,700 trees. We are hoping that we will exceed the funding target and be able to do other agricultural projects.

We have also implemented a customer relationship and donation management system which will provide accountability and transparency. And I will personally provide updates on the site as milestones are reached. 

We have a planting deadline driven by local seasonal attributes, it is important that all trees are planted by 31 March, Palestinian Land Day, in order to gain the benefit benefit from the rainy season.

As-salamu alaykum,

Saeed Amireh

First Planting

150 olive trees were planted by the farmers on Ni'lin at the end of April. As is the Palestinian way everyone gets involved. A start to what is a pretty reasonable size planting which will help by providing income for people in Ni'lin in future years. Saeed had the joy of playing 'Santa' delivering this green message of hope to people in the village. For our part as contributors we get to demonstrate to Palestinians that the world has not forgotten them and they are not a species of human to be targeted for extinction. The message is and will always be 'stay human'.


No good deed goes unpunished and this is especially the case for Palestinians. Early Tuesday morning, 26 May, while the people of Ni'lin were sleeping, Israeli soldiers entered the village and set fire to olive trees located closest to the apartheid wall. In a matter of hours a whole field with dozens of olive trees of 700-900 years old, were reduced to ashes. As I remember it there were no trees with 50-100 metres of the wall. It is yet another unnecessary act to humiliate and kill the spirit of people who struggle to survive in an environment of oppression.

Try as they will, these destructive acts will not diminish Palestinians joy of life, not will they end the resolve of people to maintain what remains of their heritage.

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